First to Market

Rob Southey has ensured Southeys are the leading Hydro Excavator company through being first to market with innovations 

The Southeys fleet features the Smart-Dig HX 8000 with the innovative “Whisper Pack”, a super quiet hydro excavator unlike anything else operating in New Zealand, emitting close to half the noise of typical sector options

John Filimoto, a site engineer with Downer, says if you compare the Southeys hydro excavator with a regular one “the difference is like night and day”.

“For us, we’re often limited with what we can do at night to ensure we don’t disturb the local residents, but the quietness of this machine means we can use it at night without keeping anyone awake.

“However, the quietness of the machine is a bonus; most importantly, it’s a big unit and it does the job we need it to do.”

The combination of advanced hydro excavation techniques, excavator design, and innovative material processing, results in a water positive system. In other words, Southeys recovers more water from its activities on civil construction sites than it uses during hydro excavation.

Rob says the company’s water recycling capacity will increase in 2021 as it introduces a new recycling technology to the market.

If you would like to know more about how our achievements can advantage your projects, please contact us today.