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Southeys are pleased to offer CCTV through the addition of the Drain Inspection Services team and equipment to Southeys Group.  CCTV drainage services are quite technical, our operators are experienced and know how to interpret the footage correctly.  We look forward to being part of the solution to an integrated approach to drainage management for Southeys and DIS clients.

  CCTV Brochure 

CCTV services are an essential aspect of modern drainage maintenance and management.  These services involve the use of specialized cameras to inspect the interior of sewer and drainage pipes.  Main points to consider include

Inspection and Diagnosis.

CCTV cameras can be inserted into drainage systems to provide a live feed of the condition inside the pipes.  This helps in identifying blockages, damage and wear-and tear without the need for excavation.

High-Resolution Cameras

The cameras used for these services are high resolution and often come adjustable focus to allow for a clear view of the pipe’s condition, noting issues like cracks, intrusions or collapsed sections

Accessibility to Hard to Reach Areas

The CCTV units can navigate through bends and long stretches of pipe.  Essential for inspecting out of reach areas.

Recording and reporting

Footage from the inspections can be recorded providing a permanent record that can be analysed to make informed decisions about necessary repairs or maintenance

Cost effectiveness

Our CCTV services can reduce potential cost blow outs by precisely locating where a problem is before digging.  This targeted approach can reduce  the amount of disruption and restoration work required.

Pipe material identification

Inspections can be crucial for identifying the materials of which the pipe is made.  This is crucial for older systems where records may not exist or be accurate

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