Time to change to a new company?  

For many reasons people may want a change of workplace, or more hours, or to be part of a new team.  Call us today on one of the numbers below for a casual chat if you are thinking to change jobs and want to learn more about what we can offer.  

Be valued for your experience in the Hydro Excavation or Class 4 driving sector, or be supported to learn something new.

Special call out to woman and girls thinking to try a new type of work, we have a number of girls working in one of our civil units and it's a great mix we would like to see in our other work areas.  Hydro excavation could be a great job for woman wanting to work in trades.

Jobs for people wanting to try something new, or are starting out in the work force

If you enjoy:

  • Being out on the road, going to different sites
  • Physical work, but then also travel time in the truck
  • Practical hands on work
  • Following plans and work instructions
  • Knowing your with an experienced partner to guide and support you
  • Learning about a new area of work where you might want to move up to a driver role, or move to another branch of Southeys in Tauranga or Wellington

Skills we need from you to get started:

  • able to follow instructions
  • responsible
  • alert and safety-conscious
  • able to work well in a team
  • good at communicating.

The skills we will work on together so you can be a top performer in the industry

  • Technical abilities for excavating with a hydro, operating the boom, using the digging lances, how to do the work
  • Safety awareness on sites, with your team, and around plant and trucks
  • Quality focused, how to do a great job
  • Willingness to learn new things about different sites and excavation work
  • Working in the team if your doing hydro work, and being part of the group based at the yard
  • Adaptable and able to work in lots of different work sites
We are also looking for drivers, you can use the form below to learn more, just select 'driving jobs'.  Trucks are mainly class 4, some class 2.  NZ trucks using the latest technologies.Contact us to be put in touch with the right person at Southeys to chat to